HSK Exam for middle and high school | QP-YP

lycee francais de Shanghai


HSK Exam for middle and high school | QP-YP
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DELF French certification (all levels) | QP-YP
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DELE Spanish certification middle and high school | QP-YP
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Baccalaureate BFI « Connaissances du Monde »
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Asia-Pacific Swimming Championship (CAPN) Below are the French schools that will participate in CAPN: Lycée Français International de Bangkok LFIB Lycée Condorcet Sydney – International French School International French School – Singapore Lycée Français René Descartes Phnom Penh Lycée Français International Marguerite Duras de Ho Chi Minh Ville Lycée Français de Séoul LFS Lycée Français...
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IGCSE Literature exam for 10th graders | QP-YP
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Educational outreach programme for 10th graders | YP
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Trip to Nanjing for 9th graders of both campuses
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IGCSE Exam for 10th graders | QP-YP
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Trip to Inner Mongolia for 4QA, 4QC, 4YA
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