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Today in Shanghai, Excellence for
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Introducing LFS

At Shanghai French School

we have the ambition of excellence for each of our students and we watch over it with care, so they can be actors in a changing world. Each student has his own success story! Discover the strengths of our offer!
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A unique multicultural

Thanks to a multicultural environment of 47 nationalities, on our two Eurocampuses shared with the German school, our students acquire a deeper understanding of the values, cultures and practices of other cultures. Our families, teachers and multicultural staff come from all over the world, and our community is even richer and stronger.

Language learning at the
core of our teaching

We offer an education with in-depth language teaching at its core. Practicing and learning in French, English and Chinese is an integral part of everyday life for all of our students, thanks to our international environment and our language streams adapted to everyone’s needs (like the International Chinese or American streams). We also offer tailor-made support in French for non-French speakers.

Excellent academic results

At Shanghai French School, we strive for excellence for each of our students. The pass rate for the baccalaureate has been 100% since 2015! We owe these results to personalized support for each student and to the unwavering commitment of the teaching teams to serve everyone’s success. Our students continue their studies in the best universities and international schools.

A rich and varied
range of activities

The Shanghai French School offers more than 50 extra-curricular sports and cultural activities, from kindergarten to high school, in French, English or Chinese, to allow every child to explore one’s passions. Our range of lectures, film screenings, cultural activities (opera, concert, choir, theater) brings the Shanghai French School community together, exploring culture and diversity in multiple ways.

An exceptional
worldwide network

The Shanghai French School belongs to the largest network of schools in the world, the Agency for French Education Abroad (370,000 students). Each school offers an education of excellence in accordance with the standards of the French national curriculum. Thanks to the AEFE network, our students can follow the same curriculum, from kindergarten to the French Baccalauréat, in any of those schools and benefit from a rich network of exchanges and shared projects (sports competitions, culture exchanges, study trips). 

An inclusive school

Developing our talents means taking into account everyone’s difference and supporting each student according to one’s needs and abilities. Equal opportunities for all is at the core of our philosophy of education. That’s why the Shanghai French School is committed to allowing each child, regardless of their cultural environment, an access to a path of academic success. 

A school for everyone

At the Shanghai French School, we want to make sure that everyone has access to an education of quality. As a non-profit institution, we ensure that each sum collected helps us to improve our infrastructures and services, improve our learning tools and fund our school projects. This makes the Shanghai French School one of the most affordable international school in Shanghai.

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