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application process & criteria

We’re delighted that you’re considering the LFS for your child’s education. From October 2020 (we will communicate soon the exact time), LFS accepts applications for entry in August 2021-2022. There is no application deadline but we recommend you apply early to secure your place. Applications to join LFS during the current school year are received all year though places are subject to availability.

Offers of enrollment are subject to space availability and candidate qualifications. As a school operating near or at full capacity in most divisions, we encourage you to apply as soon as possible. Our experienced staff are available year-round to assist you.

Conditions of admission

We welcome children with at least one of the two parents legally residing in China and meeting the following conditions:

  • Children of all nationalities of which at least one of the parents is a foreigner.
  • Foreign or Chinese children born abroad, whose two parents are Chinese and married.

In the case of one of these two conditions is not met, an exemption must be obtained from the Shanghai Municipality of Education Commission (SHMEC) to register the child in our establishment.

The Shanghai French School enrolls children whose parents are legally residing in Shanghai.

It is up to the parents to approach the Chinese authorities to obtain residence and work permits and to communicate these documents to us: copies of passports for the whole family and, in the case of foreign passports, copies of visas / travel document as well as the employment certificate of one of the two parents accompanied by the business license of the employer company.

How to apply?

We welcome new students at the beginning of the school year but also throughout the year. It is necessary to complete a registration form online for each child to attend school.

Learn about our 6 steps to register, prepare your documents thanks to our application checklist and create your online form on our LFS Online platform. Our team can assist you all along the process 

steps to register

Prepare your documents (application checklist)

To allow us to consider the registration file of your child, it is necessary to attach the following documents during the online registration process :

  • copy of the child’s passport and visa / travel document if he is a foreign national and currently lives in China
  • birth certificate
  • Vaccination record
  • School certificate of the current school (not applicable to children applying for PS / K1)
  • Last 2 years school reports

For children applying for PS, MS, GS and CP / K1, K2, K3 and Grade 1: school records if available or letter of recommendation from the current school

  • copy of the passports of both parents and visas if they are foreign nationals
  • payment certificate of school fees
  • certificate of employment in Shanghai of one parent and business license of the employing company
  • family record book (for French families)
  • receipt of the payment of the 3,000 RMB admin fee
  • if any, relevant information about the special need support the child is currently receiving

For families with both Chinese parents and a Chinese child born in China:

  • special authorization from the Shanghai Municipality Education Commission (SHMEC) to enroll the child in an international school.

For children of divorced parents:

  • a copy of the court judgment stating the custody of the child and a written authorization from the parent not present to enroll the child at Shanghai French School.

Before the first day of school of the child in our school, it is mandatory to have attached on the online file, the current copy of visas / travel document of both parents & child (for foreign passport holders only), the leaving certificate from the previous school. Without these documents the child can’t start in our school.


Inquire and visit us


Complete and submit an online
application form via LFSOnline


Admissions and Pedagogical
assess your application


Heads of school approve the
application and offer an renrollment


Pay the registration and construction
fees to secure your enrollment


Arrival at the LFS

Apply for admission