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More than 300 people from 50 different nationalities take part to the Shanghai French School team and have the ambition of excellence for each of our students. Without this diversity of skills, Shanghai French School would not be what it is today: one of the first French schools in the Asia-Pacific area.

Pedagogical direction

The Principal and his four assistants are appointed by the AEFE within the framework of the agreement signed with the LFS. They lead, supervise and coordinate a team of teachers and pedagogical administrative staff serving the learning of our students.

Emmanuelle BLANC-TORES
Deputy Principal Qingpu
Head of School
Jean-Joseph KOUDAYA
Deputy Principal Yangpu
Head of Primary School Qingpu
Head of Primary School Yangpu

The Executive Direction

The main mission of the Executive Director is to implement, in permanent collaboration with the Head of the School, the Shanghai French School strategy as decided by the Board of Directors and to make available to the Principal and the Pedagogical team all the means necessary to achieve the educational objectives of the Shanghai French School. The Executive Direction is responsible for the proper functioning of the school, in its financial, material, human and health and safety aspects. Also responsible for the day-to-day management of the school and as such directs and supervises the entire administrative team of the Lycée français de Shanghai, divided between four departments: the Operations Department, the Human Resources Department, the Finance Department and the Communication and Admissions Department

Executive Director
Finance & Purchasing Director
Siegfried FAU
Communications & Admissions Director
Operations Director
Human Ressources Director

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