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The Shanghai French School is a private international non-profit school, managed by parents, that welcomes about 1300 students of 47 nationalities, from kindergarten to the French Baccalauréat (from 3 to 18 years old), on its Qingpu and Yangpu campuses.
It offers an education that meets the requirements of the French national curriculum and places multilingualism at the very heart of its educational program.

Today in Shanghai excellence for everyone, Tomorrow in the world success for all.
At the Shanghai French School we have the ambition of excellence for each of our students and we take care of it with kindness, so that they can be actors in a changing world.

Our school project

Our educational project is revolves around 4 main axes for the years 2021 to 2025.

The challenge of our teaching is to give each student every opportunity to think, communicate and evolve freely in an open and multicultural world.

  • Mastering languages to think, communicate and act

Sub-axis 1 : Foreign languages, scientific languages to act in today’s world
1.1 : Language streams: coherent, streamlined and individual pathways
1.2 : Language certifications
1.3 : Languages to act in today’s world: coding, science, and oral skills to argue and debate.

Sub-axis 2 : French as a language of instruction
2.1 : A comprehensive curriculum for 2 or 3 years for the best integration into the French system
2.2 : A program of coeducation with the parents
2.3 : A yearly follow up to build strong foundations 

  • Individualize, include and differentiate. One student = one individual path

Sub-axis 1 : Kindergarten the French way, a unique curriculum
1.1 : Starting school: welcoming and integrating new families for the best understanding of the schooling system
1.2 : Learning to be a student, learning to live in a community
1.3 : Awakening to the diversity of languagues by building on the students own mother tongues
1.4 : Experiment, manipulate, play: a school for the first learning experiences

Sub-axis 2 : Contribute to build self-esteem by encouraging each student’s talents and skills
2.1 : Benevolence, positive assessment and constructive feedback
2.2 : Nurture global citizens – an education path opened onto the world
2.3 : Building an artistic curriculum that helps develop creativity

Sub-axis 3 : Follow each student for a better understanding of his/ner needs and abilities
3.1 : Maintain the existing support systems
3.2 : Special needs students: integrate, follow up, support
3.3 : Facilitate transitions of special needs students to favor a better continuity of their learning curve

  • An international opening and an anchoring int the host country

Sub-axis 1 : Living the EUROCAMPUS’ life
1.1 : Facilitate common intitiatives in French and German schools
1.2 : Select and enhance important common events
1.3 : Promote a better cooperation

Sub-axis 2 : Maintain and reinforce bonds with the host country 
2.1 : Promote and diplay the Chinese culture: participate in local cultural and sports events
2.2 : Develop links and partnerships with local schools and higher education in China

Sub-axis 3 : Mentors, alumni et alumnae, sponsors and companies’ sponsorships
3.1 : Mobilize the community’s diversity and talents to guide students paths and careers 
3.2 : Alumni et alumnae, beacons for our students
3.3 : Count on sponsors for a better understanding and knowledge of professional paths 

  • School environment, cohesion and engagement

Sub-axis 1 : School environment: values, foundations and acts
1.1 : Follow up and reinforce actions that build the LFS school identity
1.2 : Embrace and promote essentiel values of the French system: secularism, equality and repsect
1.3 : Act as responsible future citizens

Sub-axis 2 : Parents, essential stakeholders for the LFS project
2.1 : Le Bureau Des Activités (BDA), a major player for social links
2.2 : Parents’ representatives: partners and proposal holders in the project
2.3 : Parents-sponsors / Parents-ambassadors: getting engaged to greet and guide new parents

Sub-axis 3 : HR, a leverage for collective and individual progress
3.1 : Encourage continuous development
3.2 : Put forward internal pathways, talents and skills
3.3 : Promote dialogue with staff representatives

Mastering languages to think, communicate, and act
Individualising, including, and differentiating. One student = One path
An international opening and an anchoring in the host country
School environment, cohesion, and engagement

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A global network for excellence

The Shanghai French School is part of the Agence pour l’Enseignement du Français à l’Etranger (Agency for French Education Abroad) network, which, with 522 schools in 139 countries, is the largest school network in the world. These schools offer education that meets the requirements of the French National Education programs and allow students to attend school without break, from

kindergarten to baccalaureate. This network allows all our students to continue their schooling at any other French institution without an admission examination and is a real asset for our expatriate families. It also allows our students to benefit each year from numerous exchanges, projects, sports competitions between the different institutions.

Excellence, Sharing and outreach

Build a school for the success of all students.

The Shanghai French School is a school accredited by AEFE. The certification of the LFS, obtained in 2007, guarantees both the quality of our teaching and its conformity to the French educational model. It allows:

  • the LFS to be examination center for the national diploma of the patent and for the baccalaureate;
  • all our students to continue their schooling in any other French school without an admission examination;
  • French students schooled in our school to be eligible for scholarships.

The agreement signed
between the AEFE and the LFS

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