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Our libraries, located on each of our campuses, consist of the BCD (Bibliothèque-Centre de Documentation) for the primary school and the 3C (Centre de Connaissances et de Culture) for the middle and high school. They provide students with resources for learning and for the enjoyment of reading and discovery. Fiction books, documentaries, magazines, and digital resources enable students to learn about various subjects and to read in French, English, and Chinese.

BCD - Library-documentary center

From Monday to Friday, all kindergarten and elementary school students meet with joy in a beautiful space designed for them, around the activities offered by their library teacher.

Through free readings, documentary research sessions, collaborative workshops or literary games, students work on the points of the school program by discovering our resources in French, English, and Chinese.

More than 36,000 documents are at their disposal, classified according to age, reading difficulty and topics covered. At the BCD, students immerse themselves with pleasure in documentaries, novels, albums, collections of poems, plays, Comics, and of course their favorite magazines.

Want to read a classic or discover the latest novelties?

The BCD catalog, which can be consulted online or on site using the Ipad and computers provided

students, provides information in a few clicks on availability in the collection, and offers links to suitable educational sites.

Our school’s partnership with the Association des Doneurs de Voix offers all students unable to read the opportunity to listen to texts from a large sound library.

To nourish each student’s appetite for knowledge and continue the pleasure of reading, new books can be borrowed each week, within the limits of loans granted by grade level.

The year is punctuated by thematic projects and weeks organized by the team of librarians from the Lycée Français de Shanghai. Exhibitions, competitions, cinema screenings, workshops and meetings with external speakers (journalists, illustrators, storytellers or novelists) are as many memorable moments as they are openings on culture and the contemporary world.


BCD Qingpu Campus

  • +86 21 3976 0555 (ext. 562)

BCD Yangpu Campus

  • +86 21 6897 6589 (ext. 726)

3C - Knowledge and Culture Center

The 3C is Secondary students who wish to read, do background research or use the Internet. It is a common place for French and German students and teachers. Students can access it during their breaks (recess, lunch break, study hours).

Encourage a taste for reading

Reading enables children to acquire important skills: understanding the world around us, discovering cultures, building their critical thinking, developing imagination, consolidating spelling. It is therefore essential for your child to acquire a taste for reading!

Within the LFS, your child has access to the 3C space (center of knowledge and culture – formerly CDI). More than 14,000 works can be found there (documentaries, novels, comics and magazines).

The 3C also offers an interesting tool that you can easily use: a document portal called Esidoc, accessible from any connected device.
Esidoc It allows you to consult the resources available at the 3C and conduct documentary research. You will also find various digital resources, news, new releases, and favorites. On this portal, students have a user account that allows them, among other things, to reserve documents, view current book borrowings, make comments, etc.

Why not consult this catalog and choose a book with your child?


3C Qingpu Campus

  • +86 21 3976 0555 (ext.561)

3C Yangpu campus

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