Families answer to your questions

Admissions Families answer to your questions

Families speak the best about it

« My daughters always say that “Mama, we’re the only ones in our class who hasn’t been to France yet.”
So I promised them that I would take them to Paris next summer. Hope I can speak the basic communication skills until then.
That’s why I’m taking French lessons at LFS, because I want to show them their mother is also striving to learn a new foreign language just like they do at the school. »

Esdelle and Esmé's family

The Esdelle and Esmé family,
South Korea

« When our child started at Shanghai French School, it was not only to learn a new language, but it was an entire change of the curriculum system. School is not only to get more students at school, but they are also very prepared to help the student and family facing challenges. »

Zhi En's family

The Zhi En family

« We have been very impressed by our interview with the teams and were very excited to get Connor into the French school. »

The Morgan family, United-States

The Morgan family,

« The evolution has been incredible. We started from nothing. They arrived at Shanghai French School without one word of French, and when you listen to them now, they speak perfectly. »

The Menterolla-Empez family, Spain

The Menterolla-Empez family,

« By going to visit the LFS, and looking at the programs, we saw that it was possible to mix the two cultures.
It is this openness that is very important when you are kid. They are part of an international community.
For us the circle is complete. »

Chambron Family, Sino-French family

Chambron Family
Sino-French family

« The choice of the Shanghai French School is an assurance that it will be possible for my children
to reintegrate the European education system easily. Once the children joined the LFS, we realized,
and I think it is even more true today that the school is very international! ».

Holvoet Family, from Belgium

Holvoet Family
from Belgium

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