Shanghai French School information sessions in Suzhou and Hangzhou

Shanghai French School information sessions in Suzhou and Hangzhou

We’re excited to announce two special information sessions. The first will take place on March 7th in Suzhou, and the second on March 8th, in Hangzhou. These sessions are fantastic opportunities for parents and students interested in learning more about what our school has to offer.

During this session, you’ll have the chance to:

·       Meet the LFS team

·       Receive a detailed presentation on our curriculum, language streams, and our program for integrating non-French-speaking students

·       Get answers to all your questions



Registering for the information session is easy! Simply scan the QR codes below:

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➤ Register for Hangzhou’s session

❁ Welcome to Shanghai French School!

Shanghai French School (known in french as Lycée Français de Shanghai, or LFS) belongs to the AEFE (Agency for French Teaching Abroad) network. It is an international nonprofit school which welcomes students of multiple nationalities, from Pre-kindergarten to the French Baccalaureate (from 2 to 18 years old) on its Qingpu and Yangpu campuses.

Shanghai French School welcomes over 1,360 students of more than 40 nationalities, from kindergarten to Grade 12, on its two campuses.

>> Date founded: 1995.

>> Grade level: Pre-Kindergarten to High School

>> Conditions of admission

  • One of the two parents holds a foreign passport.
  • Chinese citizens but Children born abroad.
  • Children with at least 2 years of study experience in a foreign country, and all family members have obtained permanent residency abroad.
  • Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau citizens.

>> Languages Taught

Mandatory languages: French, English, and Chinese.

>> Tuition fee: 112 000 – 190 000 rmb / year

>> Teacher student ratio: 1:9

>> Curriculum: 4 language streams (General, International American, European English, international Chinese).


❁Is it true that the Shanghai French School only accepts French citizens?

It’s not true. Just like some international schools have restrictions on enrolling Chinese students, there are limitations on admissions at the French School too. However, the notion that only children of French citizens can attend the French School is far from accurate. The school’s admission guidelines are clear: all foreign students, except Chinese citizens, can enroll at the French School. Even if your child is a Chinese citizen, as long as they were born abroad or if one of the parents holds foreign citizenship, they are eligible to attend the French School. Each year, a lot of the students at the French School come from countries other than France, including the UK, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Canada, South Korea, Japan, and more. Students at the French School come from over 40 different countries, making it a genuinely international school. So, thinking that the French School is exclusively for French citizens or French speakers is simply not the case.”


❁ Our curriculum

From Pre-K to Grade 12, Shanghai French School offers the curriculum of the French Ministry of National Education enriched with unique linguistic streams. Accreditation by AEFE (Agency for French Teaching Abroad) guarantees the quality of our teaching and its conformity to the French education curriculum.

LFS offers the French National program with unique streams (general stream, European stream, International American and International Chinese Streams), as well as a program dedicated to non-French speaking students.

Regardless of their cultural origin and mother tongue, LFS accompanies all of their students for a better consideration of their needs and abilities.


❁ Non-native families embracing French education

Studying in French when it is not my mother tongue, it is possible!

The French as Language of Instruction (FLSco) program allows students who begin in French to fit in the French education system. Courses target children from K3 on. A lot of non-French speaking students currently enrolled at shanghai French School went through the FLSco program.

 This curriculum, which generally takes two years, allows students to gain access to the basic learning required at school.

❁ A wide range of after-school activities for all

Sports and cultural activities (ASC) are an integral part of school life at Shanghai French School. To better express oneself, interact with others, develop creativity, and go the extra mile are complementary learning tools which allow students to fully grow outside of the classroom. We offer over 70 activities on both our campuses, all supervised by skilled contributors, from K3 to Grade 12, in English, French, and/or Chinese.


❁ Shanghai French School Not Just for France, But Universities Worldwide

Every year, 50% of students choose to fly to romantic France for further study at prestigious schools in Paris, while the other 50% embark on a journey to globally renowned institutions in Canada, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, China, and other places.

The world-renowned universities that Shanghai French School students go to every year include Oxford University, Cambridge University, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Sciences Po, and others.

Any questions? Contact our Admission teams!

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+86 (21) 6897 6589 ext.758

+86 130 5203 8803

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