Shanghai French School Unforgettable Lantern Festival

Shanghai French School Unforgettable Lantern Festival

On Saturday, February 24th, for the Lantern Festival, hundreds of children, parents, and teachers gathered at Shanghai French School for an afternoon filled with culture and entertainment!

Everyone enjoyed:

❁ Engaging in traditional Chinese activities like paper cutting, window painting, lantern crafting, mask painting, and makeup application, as well as delightful culinary workshops highlighting the flavors of Chinese cuisine (with Chinese dumplings, rice balls, and more).

❁ Watching an artistic showcase that blended Chinese and French cultures, featuring performances ranging from dragon dances to violin, piano, bamboo flute, zither, ballet, and both Chinese and hip-hop dance.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to the dedicated parents of the BDA, in collaboration with Morlun LCM, for orchestrating this event with finesse, and to the Shanghai Overseas Returned Scholars Association (SORSA) for their invaluable support.