Conference: Transitioning into the French education system

Succeeding in school and personally thriving as a child strongly depend on a mutual engagement of the school and the child’s parents. It is even more important when the child goes from one education system to another. Want to know more? Sign up for our next conference “Joining the French education system when coming from another school system”, on Saturday, December 3!

This conference will be hosted by our Head of FLSco (French as Language of Schooling) Department, Aurélia Petragallo, and Siegfried Fau, Director of Communication and Admissions. 

With experiences shared by teachers, students, and families, we will provide tips to better support the academic path of your child and will dive in the specific question related to non-French speaking families who choose the French education system.

At the LFS, the educative team puts coeducation at the core of its approach to allow all students, particularly those coming from multicultural and multilingual families, to succeed in school. With this approach, we can welcome, include, and better support our diverse and enriching communities.