3rd place for the Sismo students at the scientific Namazu competition!

During lockdown, the students in 8th Grade enrolled in the Sismo workshop took upon the difficult challenge of building a rover, a mobile robot with the capacity to move on a star. Not only the rover was built in a context which made the purchase of material impossible, but the students were also able to reach the 3rd place of the podium for the Namazu competition!

The Sismo workshop is offered to students in Grade 8 to allow them to experiment through scientific activities in relation with seismology, and to participate in international competitions through the education programme “Sismos at school”.

The Namazu competition in which the students participated is a contest between schools open to seismology, which since 2018 has been focusing on NASA research projects, especially the INSIGHT Mars and PERSEVERANCE-Mars2020 missions.

For the 4th challenge of this competition, students had to build a rover. Thanks to their inventiveness and creativity, the rover, and its version in auto-tests with stop motion movement were made possible.

Since the lockdown stopped the students to meet up, they made a movie highlighting the phases of construction, testing, and of course, the result!

3rd place for the Sismo students at the scientific Namazu competition!

Congratulations to the students in the Sismo workshop for their hard work and to their teacher for supporting them all along!