Open doors for the 10th triathlon of the Eurocampus

Open doors for the 10th triathlon of the Eurocampus

Sunday, May 23 will be etched on Shanghai French School memory with the Eurocampus triathlon, the first sport event of 2020-2021 to have welcomed parents, brothers, and sisters of the 150 Primary students from LFS and DSS who participated in this 10th edition.

Counting more than 50 volunteers who came to help the Franco-German teams in charge of the organisation, the Qingpu Eurocampus gathered around 500 people, making this triathlon a real success!

After registering and picking up their number sign, students from Grade 1 to Grade 5 of both LFS and DSS confronted each other by level on the three disciplines: swimming, cycling, and running.

One route per level had been predefined, thus adapting to each class. The first trial started around 10:30am and festivities kept going until 2:00pm, a perfect way to finish the weekend on a healthy and hearty note.

A big thank you to the organisers and volunteers, and bravo to all the participants!