Scapin the Schemer shows up in Yangpu

Scapin the Schemer shows up in Yangpu

Classes of 7th Grade of Yangpu happily played along for one day and invited us to two performances of the famous play written by the French playwright Molière “Scapin the Schemer”. Let’s take a look back on this school project initiated by two passionate team members of Shanghai French School.

In the French language curriculum of 7th Grade, the theme “With others: friends, family, and network” is approached through different books, including “Scapin the Schemer”, a play with a strong flavor inspired by the commedia dell’arte which represents Molière’s theater quite perfectly: deceived masters, sly valets, and other romantic misunderstandings.

The stage direction created by a French teacher and a member of our school offices is smart and original, offering a beautiful reference to the double Sino-French culture in which our students are immersed thanks to a choice of costumes from Chinese traditional opera.

Students worked for a few weeks with excitement to remember their lines, rehearse in groups and prepare to go on stage in front of a public composed of students and teachers. Success came knocking, making us discover some great talents among students!

Well done to them and to the team who accompanied and nourished this beautiful project, we would gladly ask for more!