The night of ideas at Shanghai French School

The night of ideas at Shanghai French School

On Thursday January 28, our students from Grade 12 C participated, as part of their philosophy courses, in the sixth edition of the ‘Night of Ideas’, organized by the French Institutes around the world. This initiative aims at celebrating the circulation of ideas between different cultures, disciplines and generations. Our students were thus able to attend a session for teenage philosophers, organized around the theme of this new edition: “Getting close”.

They attended an evening of exchanges and reflection organized by the French Institute of China around the question of “the relationship to oneself and to others in the contemporary world” which brought together French and Chinese experts, but also publishing houses and online platforms specializing in philosophy for teenagers.

Our students were thus invited to explore our individual and collective relationships to space, to question themselves about new solidarities, the relationships that we are forging between ourselves, and of course the question of new communication technologies and the connections they tie between us, our loved ones and the rest of the world.

Philosophy has an important place in the curriculum of our high school students. It can meet the needs of adolescents who are building themselves today in a complex society. Giving adolescents a taste for reflexion leads to making them discover the pleasure of thinking for themselves, to encourage them to take an interest in the world around them, to sharpen their critical thinking and to understand the issues that arise today

Well done to our budding philosophers and see you next year!