LFS comic book contest : Get your pencils!

LFS comic book contest : Get your pencils!

Primary and Secondary students from Qingpu and Yangpu campuses, from Grade 1 to Grade 12, take part in the annual comic books contest organized by the BCD and 3C documentary team. Our libraries will carry out this project for several weeks which will end with an exhibition and the selection of the winners, in March.

This moment allows this literary genre to be honored and offers extra resources to teachers. This is an opportunity for students to learn the characteristics of comic books: manga, classic comics, the use of onomatopoeias, storytelling, drawing, or storyboarding.

To participate, Primary students will have, on the basis of one box, to imagine a story, draw it and color it in 6 boxes. The Secondary students have for theme “school” by exploiting the codes of humor through a board of 3 boxes. End of the contest on Friday February 5th!

Once a week, our Primary classes are accompanied by our team of documentalists during workshop. An interactive exhibition for the little ones has also been organized in the Yangpu library.

We wish everyone a lot of creativity. See you soon to discover the winners!