We almost saw everything at the Carnival!

We almost saw everything at the Carnival!

When we try remembering what Carnival meant when we were kids, a few things come to mind: costumes, sweets, and a certain euphoria and desire to dance! Yesterday and last Friday, our school and colleagues from the Deutsche Schule Shanghai celebrated the Carnival together, bringing laughter and creating memories for our two schools on both Eurocampuses.

On the 17th, the Qingpu volunteer parents of both our schools organised the distribution of krepfen, a German-style pastry to the students and staff members, setting the tone right!

The kindergarten danced away, while older Primary School students gathered in the piazza, with many different costumes for a big party! A few princesses and superheroes were spotted, as well as animals, pirates, cowboys, and dinosaurs!

The party took place yesterday on the Yangpu Eurocampus with our friends from the Deutsche Schule Shanghai. Starting with a big gathering at the canteen for those with a sweet tooth (clearly everyone!), the festivities continued in the gymnasium, on the sports field and in the courtyard! Students and teachers came up with great costumes once more!

Great moments shared on our Eurocampuses!