Welcome to the LFS kindergarten!

Kindergarten is one of the greatest assets of the French education system and makes these first years of schooling crucial for children to develop their self-confidence, regardless of their cultural origin and mother tongue. Discover what makes kindergarten at the LFS so special!

In kindergarten, children develop personally and socially in a benevolent environment, favouring learning. The objective is to create the envy to go to school. Dive in our kindergarten in video:

Welcome to
the LFS kindergarten

  • A multilingual and multicultural school

French is the main language at the school and is at the core of all students’ education. French school, yes, but not only! We welcome students from all nationalities and support non-French speaking students or who have just started learning French thanks to our FLSco programme. 

Our international streams (English and Chinese), also reinforce our status of international school in Shanghai, and its multicultural characteristic.

Classes welcome children from 3 to 5 years old following this pattern: K1 and K2 (PS-MS) and K3 (GS).

Following the natural development of the child, kindergarten students evolve around 5 areas: mastering languages, physical and artistic activities, structuring the thought, and exploring the environment.

  • A dedicated team

Each class is composed of a French classroom teacher, a Chinese native language teacher, an English native language teacher, and a kindergarten assistant. This team of professionals is dedicated to students and their family. They benefit from training strengthening the quality of their teaching, to better assist the children’s individual needs.

Volunteer parents also come to help every day, supporting the distribution of children’s lunch.

  • Adapted infrastructures

Children evolve in an environment adapted to stimulation and discovery: classrooms and motricity, outdoor areas, libraries. They multiply sensory, relational, and cognitive experiences safely.

To reach our two campuses of Qingpu and Yangpu, the school bus stops at more than 200 stations with a driver and a Chinese chaperone who takes care of the children during the trip. A mobile app enables parents to communicate with the chaperones and follow their child’s trip in real time!

  • A global network for an education of excellence

In the respect of our approval with the AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad), the largest school network worldwide, the curriculum we offer students, from kindergarten to the Baccalaureate, follows the criteria of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of National Education.

  • Want to know more?

Our admissions team is at your service to inform and advise you.

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