Meet the New Head of Primary of Qingpu Campus; Jean Kurdziel.

Meet the New Head of Primary of Qingpu Campus; Jean Kurdziel.

Among the 37 new staff members of Shanghai French School for this new school year, we are happy to welcome Jean Kurdziel, the new Head of Primary in Qingpu. To mark Teachers’ Day, we met him virtually.

  1. Hello Jean, and welcome to Shanghai! How are you feeling now that you are getting to the end of your quarantine? Looking forward to discovering the city and meeting your team in Qingpu?

Hello, and thank you for giving me the possibility to exchange with you and introduce myself. […] I look forward to going to school, meeting the wide team of our school and all the people I have been working remotely with to prepare my arrival as well as the back-to-school. I also look forward to discovering the city, it is so big and sprawling! But I must admit I do not know when I will find the time for it just yet, as the main objective is to make sure our teachers, and thus, our students, have everything they need!

  1. Is it your first experience in China? What were you doing before joining Shanghai French School?

Yes, it is my first time in China. […] All the people met from the airport to the quarantine hotel have been very professional and respectful. Our HR department, which I have regularly been in touch with, has been extremely helpful over the past few weeks, same as some colleagues who also went through this quarantine. My biggest and daily support, as you can guess, comes from our Leadership team.

Just before joining Shanghai French School, I was the principal of a school in Seine-Saint-Denis, France. I worked with families whose mother tongue was not French, and it taught me a lot.

  1. What do you do outside of work? Do you have any hobbies? Any anecdote to share?

Thank you for this question, it allows me to take a quick moment to introspect! When I don’t work for my full-time job, I keep working in various forms. For instance, I am currently preparing my PhD in Education Sciences and preparing a Bachelor’s in Psychology. […] When I can, I think about all this whilst walking, which allows me to discover new spots, find a good restaurant, and remain active. I also always have one (or several) books opened. For the rest, I regularly workout and climb (even though it is more to stay in shape than out of a passion!).

  1. What do you wish to say to the parents who will read this interview?

First, I am extremely happy and honored to have joined the LFS Leadership team, which fame is unanimous within the network. I am also looking forward to being on-site and meeting our students, who are the core of any school. […] To finish, I would like to add I have truly been able to realise one of the main reasons for this back-to-school success: the teachers and staff members who have been on the front line to welcome students. […] I take my hat off to all of them. Nothing would have been possible without the relay and support of the School Life teams and our assistants! From the inside, I guarantee you the simultaneous rallying of all the school’s services inspires admiration and respect!

We wish him great success in his new responsibilities and look forward to welcoming him and the rest of our team members very soon!