Partnership between the LFS and Shanghai French Alliance

Partnership between the LFS and Shanghai French Alliance

This summer, Shanghai French School (LFS) and Shanghai French Alliance (AFS) worked on the development of a partnership to allow LFS families to benefit from a privileged offer including workshops and French classes.

More than 20 LFS families registered to the French Alliance activities. This partnership enables us to contribute to promoting Francophone countries and French language in Shanghai.

Mastering languages to think, communication, and to act is one of the main axes of LFS school project. Integrating non-Francophone students to our school through the FLSco program (French as the Language of Instruction), is also a pillar for the diversification of our community and a strong medium of the francophone sphere.

Throughout the year, the French Alliance offers varied classes and activities open to all ages, around French language, culture, and values. Among this offer, the “FLAM” is specifically dedicated to children and young teenagers speaking French with at least one of their parents, but who are sent to a school following a system where French is not the main spoken language, or to those who are learning French as a learning language.

This program enables students to practice French over the weekend with friends of the same age, to live in a different environment than the family or school circle, and to reinforce their reading and writing skills.

For more info on French Alliance FLAM offer click here