Regional final for Aspiring Ambassadors

Regional final for Aspiring Ambassadors

The regional final of the ‘’Aspiring Ambassadors’’ project, supported by the Agency for French Teaching Abroad (AEFE) was held last week. 4 brilliant and motivated students from Shanghai French School participated in the final organised this year by Beijing International School.

For this 2021 edition, the ‘’Aspiring Ambassadors’’ project gathered 17 finalist speakers representing 6 schools of the Asia-Pacific region: Shanghai, Ho Chi Minh, Seoul, Sydney, Yangon, and Beijing.

The finale included two steps: firstly, a selection of pre-recorded videos of the speakers’ speech on Thursday, April 15, and for the 6 selected from this first step, the opportunity to give his/her speech live by video conference in front of a jury composed of students from the different represented schools on Friday, April 16.

Congratulations to our students selected for this regional final!

Speakers from Grades 4-5-6:

Yuhan HE, 4th Grader

Charlotte LE GRAND, 6th Grader

Speakers from Grades 7-8-9:

Emma DUMARET, 9th Grader

Adèle CHEN, 9th Grader

Special mention to Charlotte Le Grand and Emma Dumaret for reaching the 2nd step of this final, well done to them two for their efforts and commitment!

What is the “Aspiring Ambassadors” project?

It is a world tournament of public speaking which highlights students’ plurilingual and multicultural skills. Focusing on current international issues, the 2021 theme was ‘’Citizens: Equal and United’’.

Let’s meet again for the 2022 edition!