Our high school students are preparing for professional interviews

In order to prepare our high school students to professional interviews, our Guidance Counsellors organised a session of mock interviews on Saturday, April 10, bringing together 20 juries made up of 60 professionals, all volunteer parents from all fields. 70 students from Grades 11 and 12 participated in the interviews.

The objective of these mock interviews is to prepare the students for a situation they will all likely experience one day: the professional interview (whether it is for an internship, a job or a school).
During these interviews, the students were required to introduce themselves for 20 minutes, talk about themselves, their strengths as well as their project in front of a jury made up of 2 to 3 professionals. In the continuity of the interview, each jury offered an assessment of the content, form, speech and attitude.

In addition to providing our students with advice on their CV and orientation project, this simulation allows them to gain confidence, learn how to present themselves effectively and prepare for deadlines beyond the Baccalaureate, in link with their future professional path.