Ancient Writing in China and Contemporary Chinese Arts «Contemporary Chinese Art and Museum Institutions in Shanghais»

Review of the conference by Anne-Cécile Noïque and Marion Bertagna: Creator of the ArtCN Gallery. / Director of MB. Projects «Contemporary Chinese Art and Museum Institutions in Shanghai» which took place on Thursday 25 March at the Qingpu Campus Theatre.

First, we asked about the role of artists, galleries and institutions played in the revitalization of urban spaces and their multidimensional development in neighbourhoods such as M50 or in WestBund’s cultural corridor. Next, what overview of contemporary galleries can we operate through their operation but also the contemporary importance of digital in the face of the new challenges of an ever-changing market? What is the place of the fairs and what is their involvement in the future of the Shanghai metropolis, which is now the capital of design and contemporary art?

Then we talked about the role of museum institutions in Shanghai. Indeed, over the past ten years, numerous museums have opened throughout the city. They have been designed by leading Chinese and international architects and offer a diverse programme of local and world-wide exhibitions to an ever-growing audience with a keen interest in art and culture. Where does this dynamism come from? To whom do these museum institutions belong, how do they function and what are their missions? What are their specificities and how do they differ from French or Western museums? Here are some questions that will be addressed in this foray behind the scenes of Shanghai museums…