Microorganisms: students from different grades learning sciences from each other at Shanghai French School

On Tuesday, March 9, students in third year of Kindergarten met students from Grade 8 for a joint science activity on Qingpu campus. This joint activity allows students from Middle school to strengthen their knowledge by teaching younger students basic biology notions and experiments.

Proudly wearing their lab coat, the young students walked into the laboratory rooms to observe microorganisms found in yoghurt. Each 8th Grader had one or two children under their responsibility to explain how to make their thin section and the principle of colouring yoghurt to observe microorganisms through the microscope.

Sharing knowledge between students from different Grades is highlighted in programs from AEFE (Agency for French Teaching Abroad) which promotes intergenerational exchanges thanks to a fun learning process.

Smiles were on everyone’s face, we even heard some of the kindergarten children whispering: ‘’Oh look, we’re like real scientists now.’’