Celebrating 100 Days of School at Shanghai French School

To celebrate 100 days of school on both Qingpu and Yangpu campuses, students from Grade 1 went big and participated in a series of activities organised by their teachers with the help of the Library Documentary Centre. This is a milestone for our students, reflecting what they have already accomplished at school and reminding them of what can be achieved throughout the rest of the academic year.  

On Mondays, March 8th and 15th, students from Grade 1 in Qingpu and Grade 1 IAS (International American Stream) in Yangpu focused on the number 100 through games, creative activities, sports, and obviously, food. Whilst these events add fun to the mix, celebrating 100 days of school is also a good opportunity for our first Graders to practice mathematics in a creative way.

Thank you to the entire Shanghai French School community – teachers, staff, parents, and students – for making the first 100 days of learning on our campuses captivating! Let’s keep striving for excellence for the rest of the school year!