Shanghai French School Virtual Open House on January 27

Shanghai French School Virtual Open House on January 27

At Shanghai French School, each child is different, each story is unique. Our school is dedicated to support, in a personalized way, non-French speaking students who have just joined our school, but also those who are still learning French language and need to consolidate their skills.

Find out how we promote the integration of all students, regardless of their cultural background and native language, and support them in order to better take into account their needs and abilities. This allows us to promote real international openness to all communities, with students from more than 40 nationalities, while benefiting from the academic excellence of the French education system.

At Shanghai French School :

we offer the National French Curriculum enriched by 4 unique and challenging streams (General, European English, International American and International Chinese).

We have a specific program intended for children whom native language is not French, which allows them, on an average of two years, to fully integrate the French curriculum.

we make sure that each child, regardless of their cultural environment, has access to a path of academic success and self-development, by identifying each one’s specific needs and offering the most adapted solutions.

Meet online :

Head of Primary school (Qingpu campus)    
French for schooling Coordinator
Siegfried FAU       
Director of Communication and Admissions
Séverine CLEMENT
Head of admissions

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