Chinese traditional culture at Shanghai French School awarded

Chinese traditional culture at Shanghai French School awarded

At Shanghai French School, we are committed to enable our students to practice a foreign language in depth but also to promote the better understanding of the cultural heritage of each culture, its history and traditions. The culture of our host country naturally has naturally a prominent place with many projects proposed by our Chinese teachers.

Two projects, led by our students from Grade 4 and Grade 8 on Yangpu campus, won the First and Second Prizes of a contest aimed at international schools organized by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.

Students in Grade 2, Chinese International Stream, have learned about the art and technique of papermaking. They were able to discover that paper is considered one of the four great inventions of ancient China and make their own paper in the traditional way themselves. This project won the first prize in the competition.

Our students in Grade 8 were able to work on a three-part presentation of the city of Beijing during the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. Discover this project in video.

By dividing themselves into small groups, they were able to make research on the milestones of each dynasty and introduce orally, in Chinese language, the results of their research before creating posters made of illustrations introducing each period.

Chinese traditional culture at Shanghai French School

At Shanghai French School, learning Chinese language is mandatory. Whether within our Chinese international stream, our other streams or as part of extra-curricular activities, we offer many opportunities to learn and explore traditional Chinese culture.