25 years of Franco-German friendship

25 years of Franco-German friendship

On January 22, on the occasion of the celebration of the Franco-German friendship treaties of the Elysée and Aix-la Chapelle, the LFS and the DSS are celebrating 25 years of mutual friendship. Openness, tolerance, solidarity. The LFS and the DSS not only share two Eurocampuses but also strong values ​​since 1996. Our campuses today bring together 3000 students, 2000 families, of over 40 nationalities to offer the best of European education in Shanghai.

Anne-Sophie GOUIX, Principal.

On January 22, our two Eurocampuses celebrate the Franco-German friendship and cooperation treaties. This is an opportunity for the Shanghai French School and the Deutsche Schule in Hongqiao and Yangpu to show their diversity and their attachment to common and deeply European values. 2021 marks the 25th anniversary of the Shanghai Eurocampus. This year will therefore be punctuated by events labeled “25 years” of which we will keep you regularly informed.

25th years of the Eurocampus

Our two Eurocampus in Yangpu and Qingpu have been sharing multiple educational projects and activities since the start of the school year: the Eurocampus swim championship, performances by the Franco-German orchestra, sharing of king cake, Franco-German day, Franco-German chess tournament, Modeling of the United Nations (UNM) Eurocampus, or the Franco-German Christmas.

But it is today that we are officially launching the 25th anniversary celebrations, with a day punctuated in the colors of our two countries and the European flag.

The program of the day :

The Eurocampus Qingpu met the students and their teachers in the piazza at 10 a.m with an opening to music by the Franco-German orchestra. Our two principals, Mrs. Gouix and Mrs. Heß took the floor to recall the values ​​of this friendship shared on a daily basis between openness, tolerance and solidarity and to encourage our students to continue to develop their curiosity towards other cultures.

Everyone was able to discover the class projects through videos and ended this meeting with a song full of meaning and emotion, the hymn to joy.

On the Primary side, an exhibition in the small Piazza, was organized jointly by the 2 schools, notably with work on the flags and their colors. Classes from other levels are invited to go and admire their works.

The BCD’s small theater hosted French and German Kindergarten students for a reading in both languages ​​with the help and collaboration of the German library.

The French and German students of CM2 and Grade 4 participated in sports workshops in the gymnasium.

On the side of the Eurocampus in Yangpu, the atmosphere was also there!

The morning was mobilized so that the students of the DSS could discover the LFS and vice versa. The students of the 6th to the 2nd shared a breakfast in their respective classes just after the projection of the speech of our two principals located on the campus of Qingpu, Mrs. Gouix and Mr. Heineken, principal of the DSS of Yangpu.

They were able to get to know each other around joint workshops by putting into practice fun and educational activities to break down prejudices between our two cultures.

This morning ended with a Franco-German lunch in the canteen, specially cooked by our two Chefs!

Thank you all for this day!