The week of taste at the Shanghai French School

For the 31st edition of the week of taste, teachers from the Shanghai French School on our two campuses, Qingpu and Yangpu, raised awareness among students about education in taste. This week makes it possible to transmit a certain values ​​to the youngest, to convey culinary know-how and to develop balanced eating habits.

We started this week with the CP classes in Yangpu, who put on their little chef’s clothes to go behind the stoves in the canteen, accompanied by their teachers. Our apprentice cooks weighed, cut, stirred before they could enjoy their cakes the day after.

Parents too participated in this taste week by sharing pictures of their children’s favorite meals, which teachers displayed in the halls of the school.

Thursday, the students experimented some new combinations of flavors. The opportunity to explore the 4 fundamentals: sweet, salty, bitter and acid.

At the 3c on the Qingpu campus, students discovered a selection of novels and documentaries on the theme of taste. Meal scenes from great classics of literature were on display: feast of Gatsby the Magnificent, madeleine and tea from Proust, apple pie and ice cream from Kerouac tasted… on the road…

More than a trip, an opportunity to celebrate tastes and flavors by reading them rather than eating them (although one does not prevent the other).