Class representatives elections at the Shanghai French School

Elections for junior school and high school class representatives were held on our two campuses from September 28 to October 9. Following on from these elections, the General Assembly of student delegates from both campuses was held on Thursday, October 15, on the Qingpu campus.

The purpose of delegate elections is to involve students more actively in school life and to develop a sense of community, leading them to choose the comrades most able to represent them.

The elected students will have several assignments during the school year. They will participate in the class councils and will carry the word of their classmates in these forums which are held at the end of each quarter. They will also be able to show their ability to unite their classmates around projects that create a good classroom atmosphere. They will have to listen to everyone and maintain the link and communication with the various stakeholders in the school (teachers, school life, administration, management).

The General Assembly of student delegates brings together all student delegates. The purpose of this gathering is first of all to remind delegates of their roles and give them the tools to best carry out their missions. It also allows students to vote to choose student representatives who will sit on the various LFS committees and bodies (School Council, Governing board, transport committee, canteen committee, travel committee, environment committee, etc.).