Exhibition “History of fake news” at Shanghai French School

Misinformation, lies, hoaxes, “fake news” has been revived as “fake news” and then “infox”. But it has a long history. Our Shanghai French School library and document centers offer our students the opportunity to explore this history through a pedagogical exhibition.

Conceived by the Bibliothèque Nationale de France and the CLEMI (Center for Media and Information Education), this exhibition offers tools for thought, allowing students to find their way around, sort, and identify sources and relevant information in order to cultivate the exercise of methodical doubt.

Its ambition is to allow each student to exchange, argue and debate with others, taking into account the increasing complexity and viral dissemination of information in the internet age. It encourages them to mobilize all available resources to distinguish opinion from fact, truth from falsehood and thus build their own critical outlook.

Our documentation spaces (BCD-3C) play an active role on a daily basis in the dissemination of pluralistic, referenced and contextualized information.