The classroom tablets – digital textbooks program

The classroom tablets – digital textbooks program

At the start of the new school year, the Shanghai French School is launching an experimentation on its Yangpu campus. The Classroom tablets – digital textbooks programme aims at providing each student of the class of 6ème YA (sixth grade) with a digital tablet.

Two objectives guide this initiative:

1) Lighten the weight of school bags for sixth grade students by providing access to five digital textbooks (French, mathematics in French, history-geography in French,general English, Chinese)

2) Diversify learning tools by giving access to educational applications: Géogébra (dynamic geometry), Scratch (programming), Phet interactive simulation (scientific simulations)

This experiment remains supervised in order to assess and control the time of exposure of our students to screens. We will do a regular survey of student connections and tablets will stay in school while paper books will stay at home.

The 6YA students were able to pick up their tablets when they went back to school. After a first assessment of this experimentation that will take place at the end of the first term, the Shanghai French School will decide on a possible deployment to the other sixth grade classes.