Personalized guidance counseling services

Personalized guidance counseling services

Guidance counseling at Shanghai French School is a continuous process of developing and carrying out a personal project for each student from 6ème (Grade 6) to Terminale (Grade 12) according to their aspirations and interests. From the beginning of the school year on, our guidance counselors offer personalized guidance counseling support.

Our guidance counselors support students in building their career path. Together, they learn to find, sort, classify and prioritize information. “What jobs do you want to do later? What are your hobbies ? What studies or training would you like to take?“: These are the questions that our students ask themselves and to which they devote time, guided by our guidance counselors, Audrey Santolini and Clément De Meester.

Personalized guidance counseling support, which begins this week, is a path that leads our students throughout the duration of the school year and follows three axes:

– The exploration of the professional world and the diversity of professions
– The exploration of programs from high school to higher education
– Self-knowledge and the development of personal skills

Our counselors like to quote Albert Schweitzer, French physician, philosopher and musician of the 20th century: “Success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success. If you like what you do, you will be successful ”. This is all we wish for our students at the start of the year.

Contact our guidance counsellor service

Audrey Santolini
Head Counselling 

  • 3976 0555 (ext. 547)

Clément De Meester
Guidance Counselor

  • 3976 0555 (ext. 521)