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The Shanghai French School offers a bus service shared with the DSS for our students every day of the week, in partnership with a government transport company, Donghu Bus Company. The fleet includes 93 vehicles, which run 3500 kms per day and serve the Qingpu and Yangpu campuses.

Everyday, more than 2000 passengers are transported to our two campuses from more than 200 meeting points throughout the city, with an average arrival rate of 99.3% on the morning! Each campus is managed by a Bus Manager, under the supervision of the Services Généraux (General services, email links at the bottom of the page).

On board, a driver and a (Chinese) supervisor take care of the children. All buses are equipped with 3-point seatbelts and booster seats for children attending kindergarten. Their use is mandatory. Transportation is exclusively reserved for paying students. Under no circumstances will parents be allowed to ride on it. Warning: the bus stops for the 5pm buses, for the students of middle and high school, are not necessarily the same as the bus stops for the 3pm buses. 

Creation of the bus routes: The school bus routes are created at the beginning of the school year, based on the addresses of registered students. Each of the routes has several meeting points, meant to be practical for the larger number of students.

Qingpu : The school cannot commit to providing a door to door service, nor to ensuring pickup for families living too far outside the existing network. These families need to organise their own transportation, or to join the closest meeting point. Registration: The registration form can be downloaded on the right side of the page.

For each campus, the Bus Manager provides all necessary information to help identify the bus routes and the appropriate meeting points. A transportation committee is composed of parents is formed each year to inform and allow good communication between the families and the school in charge of managing the service.

1. Before leaving home

I make sure that I have taken my Health Declaration Form which should be signed by my parents and indicate my temperature measured at home.

2. Before getting on the bus

I wear well my mask, covering my nose and my mouth.

3. On board

I respect social distancing and listen to the instructions of the bus attendants.

access to the Bus map

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  • Health declaration form –  StudentDownload
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Bus tracking APP


James Qu
Bus Manager (English-speaking)
Qingpu Campus

Bus Manager (English-speaking)
Yangpu Campus


How can I get information for the school buses?

All information concerning the school buses can be found on the website of the Lycée Français de Shanghai, on the page Info parents / Service Bus. If you cannot find the information you need, please contact the Bus Service of your campus by writing to or at .

If my child will not take the bus for a certain trip, what should I do?

If your child does not take the bus on a specific day, you should notify by email:
– Vie Scolaire of Primary or Secondary schools in Qingpu or Yangpu campus: or , or ,
– and the Bus Service of Qingpu or Yangpu campus: and

We thank you for sending them the information as soon as possible to facilitate the work of concerned teachers and allow the staff to update the lists of children taking/not taking the bus.

Is it possible that my child takes another bus (regularly or exceptionally)?

Your child is registered for one bus and can only take that one, the traffic police do not allow bus changes. The only exception that we will consider is when both parents of the student are not in Shanghai or in the case of the divorces.

My child's bus arrives every day at around 7.30 am at school, is it possible to delay it by 5 to 10 minutes so that it arrives around 7.40 am

Changing the departure time by 5 or 10 minutes does not mean that the bus will arrive 5 to 10 minutes later, by making this change, the bus may arrive much later. From experience, we cannot agree with this request.

The bus left earlier than expected and my child missed his bus. Can you ask the driver not to leave earlier?

We will check and remind the driver of the rules.

Why can't my child sit behind? Are there places prohibited for children?

The seats at the back of the bus are in priority reserved for the older ones, those in the middle for college and primary students, kindergarten students are obliged to sit in front with booster seats.

Can my child get off the bus on their own?

The school bus service also offers the possibility to parents / legal guardians who wish to authorize their Elementary child(ren) (CP-CM2) to get off the school bus unattended upon arrival. If you want to benefit from this service, please fill in the Parental Waiver form (“Parent info” – “Practical info” – “Transportation info” – “Toolbox”) for the return trip and send it back to us by email only to and/or
Please note that children in Kindergarten must be picked up by a responsible adult at the bus stop. But Secondary students can return on their own without Parental Waiver upon their arrival.

I have to come and live in Shanghai, where do you advise me to live to be able to benefit from the bus service?

We advise you to look at the map of bus stops and choose your residence as close as possible to a bus stop served by LFS buses. Be careful not to confuse the stops of the two campuses (Yangpu and Qingpu). You can always contact the bus service of your relevant campus if necessary.

My child takes 10 minutes to get to the nearest stop. Can you create a stop closer to my residence?

10-minutes-walk is a normal distance according to our criteria. It is not possible to create a stop even closer to you.

From my apartment to the bus stop my child takes more than 15 minutes. This time is too long.

We calculate the walking time from the gate of the compound. We do not calculi the distance by considering every apartment.

We are a number of families with several children, and we do not have a stop near our residences, we ask that our request shall be taken into account.

The creation of an assembly point does not depend only on LFS, but there are different criteria to be taken into account (see the Bus Regulations), including especially the validation of the police. To obtain police’s validation, it may take 2 months to make the applied stop be effective.

How to connect to Transun?

You can refer to the user guider of App Transun.

What is the shuttle bus service? How to use the shuttle buses to the metro stations?

The LFS sets up the shuttle buses to take students to the metro station for all the LFS families from the Qingpu and Yangpu campuses. If you want to benefit from this service, please fill out the form for the shuttle bus (“Parent info” – “Practical info” – “Transportation info” – “Toolbox”) and send it back to us by email only to and/or

The driver does not turn on the heating when it is cold or the air conditioning when it is very hot on the bus.

Children can ask the bus attendant to ask the driver to turn on the heating or air conditioning.

My child tells me that the bus is dirty.

The buses are cleaned every day, we will ask the bus attendant to be more careful when cleaning.

We notice that the bus attendant strictly applies the rules of authority assigned to her.

We take your remark into account, the bus manager will analyze it and make a point with the bus attendant if this is justified.

The driver, according to our child, drives too fast.

We take your remark into account, the bus manager will analyze it and make a point with the driver if this is justified.

If I have any comments about the bus attendant or driver, who should I contact?

If you have any special remarks about the bus attendant or the driver, please send a message to Bus Qingpu ( or Bus Yangpu (, the bus managers will take your comments into account and get back to you.

Which company provides transport?

The Donghu Bus Company serves the Eurocampus. It meets the requirements of the school in terms of flexibility and safety conditions.

Can I contact the bus supervisor?

Yes. The bus tracking application allows communication with the attendant.The supervisors’ contact list (by line) is available under the following links:

How is the bus crew composed?

Each bus is made up of a crew of two: a driver and a supervisor.

They are hired by the service provider and the quality of their service is monitored by the school.

Each driver is experienced and has a valid license.

Supervisors are responsible for ensuring safety and order during transport: wearing seat belts, keeping ascent / descent lists, peace of mind during the journey. They take care of the smallest in particular, but are empowered to escalate incivility at all levels, followed then by School Life services.

What is the bus rule?

The Bus Charter is available here. It cuts across transport and school life services, which means that the incivilities noted during the journey are subject to disciplinary procedures similar to those that could be committed within the establishment.
It should be noted that repeated non-compliance with the Charter may give rise to temporary or permanent eviction from the transport service, particularly in the event of actions endangering other users.

If I stop taking the bus, can I be refund?

Any period started is due until its end. On this point, see the financial regulations:

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  • Transport commission

    A parents’ committee is set up each year to inform and maintain dialogue between the family and the school, which manages the service.

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