School Internal Regulations

Useful infos School Internal Regulations

Qingpu and Yangpu Campuses

These regulations, voted by the school council, govern the life of the school community, made up of all staff, parents of students and students from the two sites, Yangpu and Qingpu.

The Shanghai French School welcomes students from Kindergarten to Terminale within the framework of the principles, values ​​and reference texts of the Agency for French Education Abroad and of the French National Education. These rules of procedure specify the working framework, establish the operating rules between the various actors and organize the student’s life in the establishment.

The rules of procedure are therefore in accordance with the Constitution and the laws of the French Republic, the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen and the Declaration of the Rights of the Child.

This learning takes place under the benevolence of the educational team and in a school where everyone’s freedom is limited only by respect for that of others, by the requirements of education, work, security, in a spirit of neutrality, secularism and pluralism. Respect for others, valuing individuals, tolerance and confidence in the ability of everyone to progress are fundamentally humanist values ​​that govern the school community.

In addition to the rules of community living, there is respect for the premises and the equipment made available in order to promote the quality of life, working conditions and personal development of everyone. Each member of the school community is committed to respecting this regulation. Enrolling or re-enrolling a student at LFS constitutes unreserved acceptance of these regulations.