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Qingpu and Yangpu campuses

Shanghai French School health service, made up of four nurses spread over the two campuses, takes care of the students by providing first aid and emergency management. Working in close collaboration with the educational team, the nurses welcome, listen and advise your children on their school time in a place conducive to confidentiality.

Process to follow in the case of a sick child at home

You will find in the attached document a reminder of the procedure to be followed in the event of a sick child at home.

  • What to do in case of fever, vomiting, diarrhea?
  • When should my child see a doctor?
  • Under what conditions is my child allowed to return to school?

This procedure was developed according to the recommendations of the SHMEC (Shanghai Municipal Education Commission).

Health Info

The nurses invite you to consult the health info. Stay informed about the latest health news at LFS! 

Welcome Project

In the case of a long-term illness (allergies, asthma, diabetes, food intolerance, migraine, painful periods, etc.) requiring regular medication during school hours, the health service contributes to child protection and participates in the integration and schooling of students by proposing an Individualized Welcome Project which may be established by the attending physician, at the request of the family and under the responsibility of the head of the establishment.

Educational actions

Nurses also organize visits to the Grandes Sections during the school year, nurse screenings and take action in the event of communicable diseases. Also having a pedagogical role, they lead educational actions with students aimed at promoting and developing health education (prevention of addictive behavior, fight against dangerous games, prevention of malaise, sexuality education, nutrition education and promotion of physical activities, etc.). They are part of the Health and Citizenship Education Committee. The health service is therefore committed daily to contributing to the quality of life of students within Shanghai French School.

Health and Citizenship Education Committee

The Health and Citizenship Education Committee, created in 2006, aims to deal with issues relating to civic education and health by organizing the prevention of risky behavior (addictive driving, road safety, food, etc.) and monitoring young people in and out of school. It is made up of the Head of School, the Deputy Headmaster, the CPE, representatives of teachers, representatives of parents of students, representatives of students, nurses, school psychologist, a visiting doctor and a representative of the Management Committee who does not have voting rights and a substitute.


Care centers

The nurses suggest that you consult the document to download from the French Consulate which recapitulates a list of care centers in the district of Shanghai known to this Consulate, including the contact details of certain French-speaking and / or English-speaking doctors practicing there, and including the East Shanghai hospital approved by the CFE.


Our Air Quality Protocol is set to guarantee theprotection of students and staff regarding the risks related to atmospheric pollution.It aligns with the standard of Shanghai authorities (Chinese AQI levels)and other major international schools. Additionally, our protocol has been improved with the introduction of a second control parameter.

Rules relating to the infirmary

Contagious diseases

Parents’ cooperation is essential to prevent contagious diseases in school. To this end, please respect these few simple rules:

– A child with fever (temperature above 38 °) will be kept at home

– A child who vomited during the night will be able to come to school only if you have made sure that his condition allows it (no fever, no nausea).

– For certain illnesses, a medical certificate specifying that the pupil is no longer contagious, is required before returning to school (foot, hand and mouth, for example)

Health problem during school time

– The nurse considers that the problem is mild, the student is physically or psychologically capable of continuing his education (courses, workshops, directed study, ASC, etc.) under the usual conditions, he remains in high school,

– The nurse will ask you to come pick up the student if she judges that his state of health requires exclusion from school and / or rest at home (flu syndrome, gastroenteritis, etc.), medical advice and treatment, without notion of immediate emergency,

– The nurse considers that the student’s condition requires emergency care in a specialized environment, she will call the ambulance which will decide on the most appropriate care service, the head of the school or the nurse. will inform you as soon as possible.

One-off medical treatment

Any medical treatment should as far as possible be administered at home by the parents. However, if your child requires medical treatment during school hours, the procedure is as follows:

– Parents must provide a recent prescription, which will include the name of the health facility, the name of the prescribing doctor as well as the dosage and duration of treatment.

– Treatment must be provided in the infirmary by the student or parents. At the end of the treatment, it should be collected from the infirmary.

– Medicines must be identifiable. The child’s first and last names should be written on each box or bottle.

Once the procedure is in place, the children will go to the infirmary to receive their treatment at the times indicated on the medical prescription.

Sports exemption

– One-off incapacity: a word from the parents constitutes a gracious and occasional request which cannot under any circumstances cover several sessions. It is presented to teachers using the liaison notebook previously signed by the infirmary and school life. It does not exempt the student from observing / attending the session and does not allow him to leave the establishment.

– Temporary incapacity for medical reasons: Certificate of the doctor who suspends the total or partial physical activity of the student for one or more sessions. It must be presented to the infirmary with the liaison booklet.

declaration of absence

If both parents are absent from Shanghai at the same time, they must, before departure, notify school life and the infirmary by email, attaching the completed document ”Parents Absence from Shanghai”. This document is needed in an emergency. It allows us to be able to reach the person or persons responsible for the child and thus allow efficient and rapid medical care.

Contact our health department

Corrine  Ouzeau
Qingpu nurse

  • +86 3976 0555 (ext. 112)

Delphine Dousset
Yangpu nurse

  • +86 6897 6589 (ext. 712)