Our Students’ Masterpiece at Pearl Art Museum

Our Students’ Masterpiece at Pearl Art Museum

Art is like a guiding light in every child’s learning journey. It is like a magical force that helps them unravel the mysteries of the world and emotions. At LFS, we hold a deep belief in the enchanting power of art. It not only builds our inner resilience but also sparks empathy and enhances our very essence.

A few weeks ago, thanks to a collaboration initiated by the visual arts team at LFS, our 9th-grade students were invited to an exhibition titled “In Praise of Soils” at the Pearl Art Museum (PAM) in Shanghai.

Leading this artistic symphony was Sugisaki Haruna, a talented Japanese artist. She led our students through her creative process and they were able to observe and analyze all her paintings: What are these mysterious symbols? Do they evoke animals, wooded patterns, totems?

The masterpiece

Our students, inspired by the Japanese artist’s technique, skillfully blended colors on natural fabrics, giving life to a majestic dragon. This dragon symbolizes the unstoppable force of nature, carrying positive omens for the new year. A testament to our students’ diligence and our passionate art teachers’ enthusiasm, the artwork earned admiration from the museum.

Art French School Shanghai

Following its creation, our dragon took center stage in the museum’s beautiful library, giving visitors and fellow artists the chance to appreciate it.

This artistic adventure was more than just encountering art; it became a poetic and inspiring exploration of creativity, weaving connections between students, artists, and the very heartbeat of nature.

A big thank you to our visual arts team, Laura Anastasio and Helios Sebastian for establishing this partnership.