LFS Talks: Sharing Experiences with FLSco

LFS Talks: Sharing Experiences with FLSco

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Join us on January 13, 2024, at Alliance Française de Shanghai from 4pm onwards for a special event featuring a group of guests closely connected to the FLSco program.

The common trait of these families? They are non-French speakers and/or come from another education system.

Can you join the French School without speaking French?


Discover how during an informative session dedicated to the French as a Language of Schooling (FLSco) program. Tune in to hear testimonials from LFS parents sharing their experiences, the methods they employ, and how they actively support their children. Listen to students share their before-and-after stories with FLSco. Lastly, gain insight into the program with the participation of teachers who frequently welcome students into their classes for intensive FLSco sessions.

What is the FLSco program?

The French As the Language of Instruction (FLSCO) program is designed for students with minimal or no knowledge of French and those learning the language who need to strengthen their skills. FLSco allows students, starting from K3, to integrate into the French education system. Many non-French speaking students currently enrolled at Shanghai French School have successfully completed the FLSco program. This two-year curriculum provides students with the essential foundation for school-level learning.

How does the FLSco program work?

The program spans two years and facilitates students’ access to fundamental learning skills needed for school. To enhance their integration, students are included in a reference class corresponding to their age. They receive tailored working sessions, depending on their needs, with a specialist teacher dedicated to helping them progress sufficiently in French to follow their reference class.

In small, level-specific groups, children explore, practice, or reinforce their knowledge of French through specific methods and various materials, such as language games, books, songs, or other age-appropriate activities. These activities empower them to confidently enrich their vocabulary and progressively improve their understanding and expression in French.

What do the families say about our FLSco program?

01 “I had concerns because none of us in the family spoke French. I wondered how my kid would cope with French learning. But thanks to FLSco, our child nailed it. Shanghai French School isn’t just for French speakers; it’s for everyone worldwide keen on learning French.”


02 “Grateful for FLSco — enjoyable and effective. Language games and tailored activities made learning French a joy.”


03 “As parents, we are impressed with the FLSco program’s effectiveness. It not only helped our child adapt to the French education system but also fostered a genuine interest in the language and culture.”


04 “Shanghai French School doesn’t just provide FLSco support; they also offer free French courses for parents. Learning a new language with your kid is genuinely enjoyable!”


05 “FLSco made our child’s integration into the French education system seamless. Structured curriculum, two years well spent.”


06 “FLSco is not just a program; it’s a passport to the land of French fabulousness! Our child now speaks French with flair, and we suspect there’s a bit of magic hidden in those language books at LFS.”


07 “FLSco transformed our child’s journey. Gradual immersion, age-appropriate activities — a smooth transition to regular classes.”


08 “Our experience with the FLSco program has been exceptional. The small group setting, and specialized teachers provided personalized attention to our child’s French language development. It’s incredible to witness their progress and confidence in French.”


09 “The FLSco program has been a game-changer for our family. Our child, who had little French proficiency, seamlessly integrated into the French education system. The two-year curriculum is well-structured, ensuring they acquire the essential skills for school.”


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