November 11 is a day to remember

We gathered in Yangpu today to commemorate the signature of the Armistice of November 11, 1918. We shared this moment with the French Consul General, M.Valadou, the Attaché for university cooperation, Ms. Boué, the representatives of the Association Le Souvenir Français (French Remembrance), M.Maurizot and M. Jaeck, our headmaster and deputy head in Yangpu, and of course, our secondary students and their history teachers.

Our guests made several speeches to remind the importance of remembrance, the meaning of the French cornflower, and the role the association Le Souvenir Français plays.

Some of our Grade 9 students were invited to read a series of letters written by soldiers during the war.

  • Little story behind the Armistice of November 11, 1918

During war times, we call an armistice the temporary suspension of fighting with a final goal to negotiate an end to hostilities.

Honouring the unknown soldier, observing a minute of silence in tribute to the people who died for France during World War I, November 11 officially became a National Day with the law of October 24, 1922. 

Since February 28, 2012, November 11 has become a remembrance day for all those who died for France during past and current conflicts.