Applications for the LFS school year 2024-2025 open soon

Applications for the LFS school year 2024-2025 open soon

Save the date: we will open our enrollment campaign for the school year 2024-2025 on Monday, November 6, 2023. Are you ready for the LFS adventure?

  • On which campuses are the registrations open?

Registrations are open on both campuses in Qingpu and Yangpu from TPS (Pre-Kindergarten Class) to Grade 5.

They are only open on Yangpu campus from Grade 6 to Grade 11.

They are open on Qingpu campus for Grade 12.

Important: If we accept registrations throughout the year, we invite you to register as early as possible to ensure the campus and stream of your choice.

  • Is your child a non-French speaker?

We offer a dedicated programme, French as Language of Schooling (FLSco) which welcomes students who either do not speak French or speak a very low level of French. 

These students benefit from intensive classes in French language taught by certified French teachers for a minimum of two years. The programme enables them later to join the French curriculum of our school with their classmates.

  • How to register?

Sign up to the LFS Eduka portal to create, complete and submit your online application for your child.

All pieces of informations and necessary steps to follow are available on our website.

Our admissions teams is here to inform and advise you throughout the registration process. 
+86 (21) 3976 0555 ext.501        
+86 (21) 6897 6589 ext.758
WeChat : LFSAdmissions

  • Do you want to know more about our offer?

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