First steps in the professional world

First steps in the professional world

Companies visits for some and Career Fair for others, the first objective of these observations is to give different opportunities to our students to discover, to be interested in the professional sphere, and to exchange with experts to learn more.

It is sometimes difficult for our teenagers to imagine what “the adults’ world” looks like, and yet, after the baccalaureate, continuing in higher education often specialises towards certain jobs. Even though many students don’t always know what they wish to do after their studies, the advantage of providing them with information at the end of Middle School can inspire and give them ideas on what exists.

For our students in Grade 11, our Guidance Counselling team organised three companies visits last month, from different industries. One class visited the autonomous port of Yangshan, 1st global port with a terminal entirely automated, while another class paid a visit to the industrial and innovating Lesaffre group, a major global actor in the fermentation field. Finally, our third class discovered L’Oréal’s centre of innovation and research and laboratories.

On Friday, June 2, we held the Career Fair on our Qingpu campus, an event which welcome a panel of 41 professionals divided in 8 categories, who came to talk about their job, their industry, as well as the studies they did to be where they are at today. They also took the time to answer the questions of our 200 students from Grade 9 to Grade 11.

All year long, the support of companies provided to our students in their academic and professional guidance is crucial. Companies visits, career fairs, conferences, internships, job shadowing, and mock interviews are just a few examples of how varied supporting our students can be. 

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