In the spotlight! GOOO LFS!

  • Part 1: Badminton and sports values

The annual badminton tournament of the international schools’ league CISSA were in full swing on Saturday, March 18. Back to this incredible day thanks to our reporter students…

With a common organisation between our school and our colleagues from the Deutsche Schule Shanghai (DSS), our Eurocampuses worked many hours to welcome this tournament. On the boys’ side, 230 students from Grade 5 to Grade 8, coming from 14 international schools, were welcomed on our campuses. On the girls’ side, the Shanghai American School Puxi campus opened its doors to 130 registered students.

A session for the volunteer referees among the students from our Eurocampus Community Service (Grade 8 to Grade 12) was led by an international referee from the Badminton World Federation (BWF), David Schwerin.

The main objective of these double tournaments was to highlight notions of fair-play, team spirit, the will to progress in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. And what a success! 

Coordinators, coaches, students, and teams from both our schools gave everything for this event to be held in the best possible conditions!

  • Part 2: Travel Diary – Destination Sydney

Our swimmers came back from Sydney last weekend, with stars in their eyes, and medals in their suitcases, after 3 years of sanitary crisis. Every reason to celebrate!

From March 12 to March 18, the official selection of LFS swimmers flew to Sydney for the Asia-Pacific Swimming Championship (CAPN). After 3 years of online participation, students were able to (re)discover the joy of competition trips, and meet the teams selected for the other French Schools in Asia-Pacific.

Intense days for our students, the LFS came in 3rd place, and many medals were won! In the individual category, our students brought back 5 gold, 8 silver and 1 bronze medals, while in the relay category, our students won 9 silver and 11 bronze medals!