The FLSco program: a bridge towards mastering French

The FLSco program: a bridge towards mastering French

At Shanghai French School, we work at being the most inclusive possible, and welcome students from various nationalities, cultural backgrounds, and with different mother tongues. Studying in French when French is not a language you speak, impossible you say? That is where our FLSco program comes into play!

  • What is FLSco, French as Language of Schooling?

Starting in K3, our FLSco program enables students who do not speak French or have a low level of French to follow intensive courses in French language, taught by certified French teachers. This program, which spreads over a minimum of two years, allows students to fully integrate the French curriculum at the LFS, as well as the language stream of their choice.

Follow our student Su Zhi En and his family on his development at the LFS:

The FLSco program
A bridge towards mastering French

  • Want to know more?

We are pleased to announce that our Head of FLSco Department,Aurélia Petragallo, will hold an online conference, together with JeanKurdziel, our Head of Primary School (Qingpu campus), and Siegfried Fau, Director of Communication and Admissions, to present you the FLSco program in more details.