The 6th Graders and their induction day

The 6th Graders and their induction day

Our students freshly arrived in Grade 6 participated in their induction day on Friday, September 23 on our Yangpu campus, which was placed under the signs of meeting, integration, and cohesion.

Accompanied by 13 supervisors amongst which were their class teachers, their PE teachers, the Deans of Students, the Individual Support network, and the nurses, our 94 students evolved throughout the day across several topics. 

Social skills, living together, meeting others, getting initiated to first-aid, cooperative games, and some wall-climbing, these different workshops symbolically marked jumping from Primary to Secondary.

Arrivingin 6th Grade is an important change and we wish them the very best in this new adventure. 

We look forward to seeing them blossom on their academic and personal journeys!