No need to go out to escape!

No need to go out to escape!

While spring is blossoming, the wish to travel and desire of escape are well present! Our PE teachers do not lack of creativity nor motivation to give students the opportunity to keep learning, practicing, and give free rein to their imagination through sports.

More than any other topic, physical education is potentially one of the most difficult to organise online. But nothing is impossible for the LFS PE team! As sports act as an antidote to anxiety, PE classes play an essential role to maintain a good physical routine, but also to stay in tune with our mental well-being.

Some activities can truly help, such as muscle reinforcement, step, or dancing. The latter is part of the PE programme of Grades 6, 8, 10 and 12.

Inspired by the choreographer Mehdi Kerkouche and other dance projects launched in France and throughout the world for two years now, our students were able to express themselves and create a dance routine on the theme “No need to go out to escape”.

In exclusivity, here are some of their performances! Kudos to them for their investment, their creativity, and their teachers’ support!

Dance project!