E-Learning E.03 – Reading but not just with the eyes!

E-Learning E.03 – Reading but not just with the eyes!

As the lockdown continues, all the more reason to travel thanks to books. Not that easy to open a 500-page book? How about using another format? The libraries teams have joined their forces to offer you the possibility to discover or rediscover alone or with your family great stories… to listen to!

With the first chapters of “Treasure Island”, “The Hound of the Baskervilles”, or “Around the World in 80 Days”, dive in the universe of these writers with your ears! A wide selection of websites where you can download classics or children’s books in audio format is offered by the 3C teams.

To complement this wide range, the BCD teams of both Qingpu and Yangpu propose a whole lot of online resources to listen to contemporary and classics audiobooks in different languages.

Check the catalogue of recommendations HERE.

Despite helping our teachers, the libraries teams of our two campuses offer reading sessions, video capsules, as well as activities around little festivals such the Short Film Festival or the Spring Poetry Festival. A website has been set up to showcase all the poems written by our students and parents, check it out HERE.

Wishing you all to have great reading and listening sessions!