Sports and well-being with the ASC Fitness Studio and the online shop

The PE team and the Extracurricular Activities (ASC) department have launched this week the ASC Fitness Studio, an online sports platform, open to students, parents, and LFS staff. And it’s rocking!

10 teachers fond of well-being are offering you sports and meditation activities; Children, teenagers and adults can benefit from adapted classes from home!

The planning of activities which was sent to the community by email will be communicated again very soon.

With already over a hundred participants this week, we look forward to seeing more of you after the holiday!

Alongside these classes, the 100% sports online shop will open its last sale from Monday, April 4 to Friday, April 15, with a wide range of LFS products, thanks to our partner Rocket Science Sports.

To place an order, it’s super easy, scan the QR code below to reach the WeChat platform and type “LFS” in the search bar!