Our students inspire us: Meet Tahy

Our students inspire us: Meet Tahy

Discover in video the portrait of Tahy from South Korea, an 11th Grader in the International American Stream (SIA) at Shanghai French School.

Our students inspire us
Meet Tahy

Originally from South Korea, Tahy entered Shanghai French School when she was four. She had been exposed to French when her family lived in France and where she attended a French preschool. However, with both her parents not speaking French and with the language at home being Korean, FLSCo helped her get through her studies and provided help with homework understanding when needed. “Studying in the International American Stream, most of my classes are still in French. But then in addition, I have English history, geography, and English language and literature.”

FLSco, a program for non-Francophones at the LFS
The French as Language of Instruction (FLSco) program allows students beginning in French to better fit in the French school system. The classes are aimed at children from K1 on. 350 LFS students currently enrolled have gone through the FLSco program.

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