Carnival on our Eurocampuses !

The traditional carnival occurred on Qingpu campus on February 25, and on Yangpu campus on March 1st, bringing its whole lot of parades, music, festivities, and laughter. Have a look at the pictures of these moments!

On the Qingpu side and following the distribution of the Kings’ Pastry by the parents’ association to students of both the LFS and the DSS in January, it was the DSS’ turn to distribute donuts to the students of our two schools. Was there a better way to start a carnival, really?

After the distribution, time for party! Our students from kindergarten gathered in their courtyard after their morning snack to danse “à la queue leu leu” (in a crocodile line), while teachers and students from Primary School joined our friends from the DSS, class per class, for a giant parade in the corridors before reaching the piazza and finishing the carnival dancing away with balloons!

On Yangpu campus, each class from K1 to Grade 5 joined in a musical parade inspired by the Rio Carnival with their teachers in all the corridors of the LFS school building, for the pleasure of all the Secondary teachers and the Administration staff.