Interviews simulation for our future graduates

The LFS Guidance Counsellors organised a training session of motivation interviews for our 11th and 12th Graders, on Saturday, February 26. This session brought together 24 juries composed of 65 professionals, all volunteer parents, from all sectors of activity. 71 students from Grades 11 and 12 took part in these mock interviews.

Interviews are steps each of our students will be confronted with one day, whether it is for a school application, an internship, or a job interview. These mock interviews are the perfect opportunity for students to prepare, gain confidence and practice their presentation effectively.

Each student is invited to present himself/herself for 20 minutes, talk about his/her strengths and projects in front of a jury composed of 2 to 3 professionals. Each jury then offers students an evaluation of their interview on the content, the style, the attitude, and gives them pieces of advice on their CV and future professional project.