Take part in the RUN & ZAP challenge!

Take part in the RUN & ZAP challenge!

As an event sanctioned by the AEFE UNSS School Sports League of the Asia Pacific Region, LFS has committed to partake in the RUN&ZAP CHALLENGE; a coordinated action consisting in covering up to the minimum the distance equivalent to the circumference of planet Earth. All the establishments of the AEFE located in the Asia Pacific region will participate to this event that will take place during the “Lycée Français du Monde” celebration week starting from November 27th to December 5th. 

Aside from bringing awareness to the benefits of daily physical exercise, the objective is to federate our global community and to collectively demonstrate our capacity to utilizing human locomotion to reduce our impact on the environment. Each one can contribute by performing simple movements such as walking, running, swimming, climbing stairs or even performing a workout routine. 

All members of the community including parents, school employees and the student body have the opportunity to help increase the number of kilometers for the school and for the Region.

  • Teachers, coaches and students will dedicate a moment to the cause during PE and ASC time slots.
  • Teachers and staff members will validate their lunchtime power walks
  • During extra-curricular times, students and family members, staff members going on foot, for a jog and/or other proposed activities can record individual achievements

In order to register the kilometers traveled individually (apart from the PE and ASC sessions), you will be able to complete on the attached survey on a daily basis.

Kindly refer to the table of standard measurements and equivalences below.





1 km

1 km


5 kms

1 km


10 étages en montée/descente

1 Km


5 min

1 km


200 m

1 km

We will provide you with daily updates on the progression of our common journey around the Earth. Please note that the data collection is based on a trust relationship and the entries will be processed under the assumption that the value claimed has been achieved!

We trust that most members of our beloved community will accept the challenge that we are offering today!

We remain entirely at your disposition for any further information you might need. ICI

Wishing you all Godspeed!
PE and ASC Teams